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We create social photo experiences with fun, easy-to-use products and apps. Create, capture, and share photos and GIFs with our unique iPad photo booths and selfie stations.

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Red Bull
Music Festival

Red Bull fuels social media buzz with Simple Booth's HALO at music festival stops across the country. With Simple Booth, Red Bull provides fans with a fun activity and spurs online engagement with an interactive experience that strikes a chord with concert goers.

What people are saying.


"Easy to assemble on your own! Halo light makes everyone look great."

Lauren P. | Event Operations


"Just used Simple Booth for the first time last night. It worked awesome, was easy to set up, and the quality was great. Didn’t have any issues and worked super fast. Absolutely love it!!"

Matt | Founder & CEO

Knowledge Playground

"It’s extremely easy to use and has helped create wonderful memories for friends and family at a variety of events!"

Anna Eckhoff | Owner

W Hotels

"We found that more of our guests were engaged at our activations and that people were eager to get their photos. We also felt that for how much we’ve been using it that it was definitely worth the ROI."

Lauren Travis | Director of Marketing

Breakthrough CTX

"Awesome interactive booth and amazing team of professionals. Super responsive and top notch service. Love Simple Booth!"

Kate | Council Member

Harpoon Brewery

“Worth the investment! It takes such great quality photos and is so portable! We can set it up anywhere, without having to worry about moving a large, bulky “booth.” It’s really interactive and our guests love having an added benefit during their event!”

Lauren Hammil | Manager of Events


"I would highly recommend HALO to any venue that is looking to engage their audience. The software itself is very easy to understand and intuitive. The amount you invest initially, you get back 10-fold due to the back-end collection of data and the amount of social impressions you receive."

Greg Godfrey | Marketing Director

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